SWM Embroidery Machine

The Leading Product Is Computerized Embroidery Machine With The Registered Logo Swm.including Flat, Single And Double Sequince ,Twin Sequin And Also Four Sequin ,cording, mixed, towel Mixed Machine Etc. With High Tech Tecnologh.All Specifications Are Avaiable In Super High Speed ,High Speed And Normal Speed Machines.
Chennile embroidery

Chennile Embroidery

Easy Chenille device can be combined on all kinds of embroidery machine:you can combine it with flat embroidery machine, multiple sequins or single sequins embroidery machine, cap embroidery machine, quilting embroiderymachine, laser embroidery machine and so on. The working speed is same as flat embroidery speed. It is very stable device, and it is as simple and easy grasped as a normal flat embroidery machine.

Twin Sequin

Twin mebroidery Embroidery Machine

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Single Sequin

Single and Double Sequin Embroidery Machine

Single sequin mean one side sequin device and which can stitch or embroidery only one type of sequin in one time.
double sequin mean sequin device on both sided and which can embroidery two type of sequin. Wide range to stitch sequin from small to large sizes like 2mm to 12mm or in various shapes like noncircular,arround ,eclipse shape and eccentric etc type are applicable for creation of you designs as needed, depending on your applications through swm embroidery machine.