Samrt,leading automatic technical

  • Layered cutting
  • Leading integration of design
  • America coherent laser generator
  • Colored Camera(/C Optional)
  • Leading high standard configuration
  • Double working table
  • Rolling lable auto-feeding device

Product Details

S30I S60I Feature Description
The equipment is very light and handy, saving the room and easy to operate. Radio frequency laser instrument with stable laser power and long life imported from U.S.A. perfect the optic system. There is infer-red ray alignment instrument for previewing the position and cutting.
High precision stepping motor driver, exact stepping belt and wheel driving with high quality, insure high speed and nice moving precision.
With waste material gathering box, it is more convenient to clear up the waste materials.

Adopting the most advanced DSP control technology to ensure the high speed and continuous curve cutting.
Superiority of software performance: The function of unite to ensure the curvilinear nodes be matched automatically; The function of smoothing the corner to ensure the smooth cutting juncture; Can export some workings like engraving,cutting and making small holes; Supports DXF,PLT,BMP,AI,JPG and many kinds of documents form; Excellent method, after the picture designed, produce the best method automatically, save working time.

S30I/S60I integrate all the functions of S30/S60 model,extra auto-feeding system,achieve unattended operation.

Applicable Industries

It is suitable for trademark, woven, printed cloth, touch screen,LCD screen,SMT cover,PET,wood,paper,rubber,leather,acrylic,double-color board,horn,cloth fibre,complex materials and non-metallic materials. It can be used for deep layer cutting,surface precision cutting,surface engraving,medal making,model making ,photo frame making,perfect gifts making and so on.


Laser tube type: metal sealed RF CO2 laser generator(10.6μm)
Laser power: 30-60W
Laser head: Single laser head
Gross power: 1500W
Cooling method: water cooling or air cooling
Driving system: step motor or servo motor
Automatic feeding system: yes
Cutting area: 850mmx600mm
Cutting depth(Acrylic): 4mm(8mm/sec)
Cutting speed: 0-36000mm/min
Engraving speed: 0-64000mm/min
Repeat precision: ±0.03mm
Focus lens: standard 50mm
View capture device: standard configuration
Max work piece size: 920mmx620mm
Power supply: 220V/50-60HZ,10A Max
Weight: 290kg
Dimension(L*W*H): 2000mmx1550mmx1300mm
Environment requirement: temperature15℃-35℃,humidity30%-80%,no condensation


Camera-oriented laser cutting machine