Flora Tjet 100

Flora Tjet 100 Digital Textile Printing Machine


  • This Flora Tjet 100 digital textile printing machine is equipped with 8 to 16 Konica Minolta printing heads in 4 to 8 colors.
  • With the standard output, the printing speed reaches 100 square meters per hour.
  • The printing width of the product is maximized to 1.82m.
  • This digital textile printing machine uses the automatic maintenance system for efficient ink degassing and moisturizing the printing head with ink.
  • The product is also installed with some other automated systems, such as printed conduction band for automatic cleaning, infrared drying system, cloth feeding, collecting and creases removing system with automatic tensioning, etc.

Product Details

Printing head Konica Minolta
Quantity of printing head 8-16
Color 4-8 colors(C, M, Y, K, LC, LK, Orange, Blue), selective
Color control International standard ICC color control system, adjustable curves and density of colors, etc.
Image format TIFF, JPEG, Postscript3, EPS, PDF, etc.
Rip software Ergosoft textile software, compatible PhotoPrint, Wasatch, Mengtai, etc.
Precision 360×360dpi, 360×720dpi, 540×720dpi, 720×720dpi
Printing speed (m²/h)
Draft output 160-200sqm/hr(2Pass)
Standard output: 80-100sqm/hr(4Pass)
High precision output 60-65sqm/hr(6Pass)
Ultrahigh precision output 40-50sqm/hr(8Pass)
Medium system
Width of material 185cm
Printing width 180cm
Max. size of roller ¢45cm
Type of dyestuff Reactive dye, acid dye, disperse dye, pigment
Drying system Infrared ray drying
Inkjet technology Piezoelectric inkjet printing
Height of printing head Adjustable height in the range of 0 to 30mm, adaptable for medium with different thickness.
Medium transportation method Conduction band conveyance
Medium output method Automatic rewinding and unwinding with adjustable tension
Type of material Weaving or knitting cotton, gunny, silk, Dacron, nylon
Power supply 50Hz/60Hz, 220V-240V, maximum current 30A
Operating environment
Optimal temperature 18-30ºC
Relative humidity 40-70%
Power consumption
Printing < 950w
Heating < 3000w
Dimension of machine
Size of machine 380×150×150cm
Packing size 400×170×180cm
Weight of machine 1500kg
Warranty period One year (customers can consult the local dealer about the detailed information)